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Dr. Joseph A. Schembri, Jr.

Licensed Psychologist 

(Providing mental health, therapy and psychology)

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The Behavioral Health Network is a group of highly professional and credentialed Mental Health Providers who have a wide variety of experiences in the field of behavioral health.  


We consist of Psychiatrists who can prescribe medication, Psychologists who can diagnose and treat a variety of mental health issues and highly seasoned Social Workers. We counsel individuals, couples, and families as well as children and adults. All of our professionals are committed to the highest possible service and caring to the individual. We are results oriented and have the most advanced scientific research at our disposal. We also have a wide variety of professionals in and around the Boston area who we can consult with for the more challenging cases, both for adults and children. We recently signed an affiliation agreement with the National Autism Center, where we provide counseling for children and families suffering from conditions on the Autism Spectrum. 



The Behavioral Health Network has available contracted services (mental health, therapy, psychology) for weekend coverage, week long coverage or episode focused. This is a cutting edge service for remote areas of the country. We can interface with covering emergency room doctors, CEOs, nursing homes, international companies overseas, etc. Through a web cam, the client is interviewed and an opinion is rendered about what the problem is and what should be done about it. This can also involve business strategies, group dynamics for business types, consultation for Human Resource personnel, advice for CEOs on management issues, etc.