Web-based Services

Web-Based Emergency Mental Health Service Emergency Mental Health Services for hospitals, businesses, or organizations via Web.

The Behavioral Health Network has available contracted services for emergency mental health services for weekend coverage or week-long coverage or episode focused. This is a cutting edge service for remote areas of the country.

Behavioral Health Network will provide all hardware and software and train personnel to access the staff of BHN whenever services are available. We will be available 24/7 for any time period requested.

The client will be provided with a procedure to contact us at any time for consultation on emergency mental health services. We can interface with covering emergency room doctors, CEOs, Nursing Homes, International companies overseas, etc. Through a web cam,  the client is interviewed and an opinion is rendered about what the problem is and what should be done about it. This can also involve business strategies, group dynamics for business types, consultation for Human Resource personnel, advice for CEOs on management issues, etc.

This service is appropriate for:

  • Hospitals or Clinics in remote areas of the country with little or access to highly credentialed behavioral specialists 
  • International companies with U.S. employees who require advice or consultation 
  • Long-term Care Facilities with challenging residents 
  • Domestic Corporations with problematic employees who are high risk 
  • Educational facilities in remote areas requiring consultation on students identified as needing mental health consultation.
  • On -site projects that desire mental health coverage for staff (i.e. motion picture filming crews, large conferences for businesses, etc.)